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Hello, my name is Bill Grady, I am the proud owner of Grady Home Inspections.

I established my own business to provide education and share my knowledge to future home owners. Buying a home is one of the largest investments a person may make. When you finance a home you want to make sure that you know what you are investing in. A newer home may seem ideal, but surprising to some there may still be issues. A home filled with character, may end up having severe issues that would financially make that house out of your budget. I am here to provide you with a very detailed and thorough report to show you everything that I encounter during a home inspection. 


I myself am no stranger to enjoying the beauty that is surrounded by older homes. I was born and raised in a small town, centered in Northern Pennsylvania. My childhood house was built sometime between 1920s- 1930s in the middle of a coal region. Inside the home many of the walls and trim were painted with lead based paints, and beyond the walls were building materials that included the use of asbestos. We had a lead water main and often would have to boil the water or run the water for extended periods of time. We would often visit my grandparents who lived on a farm not too far away. The farmhouse was so old that running water wasn't yet installed, we had to use a hand pump to get water from the well. My family was still using an outhouse located about 200 feet outside of the home due to a lack of a septic system. Thankfully nowadays there are modern options for homes with wells and the hazards of lead paint and asbestos have been researched.


I remember the basement and crawlspace where my grandmother would store food had a dirt floor. The coal stove was used to cook and heat the house and would sometimes backdraft when you would start a fire.. 

Enjoying life on the farm was wonderful, you got to see the life cycle of many kinds of crops from the seed to the table. One thing that really sticks out to me was at this time fertilizers along with pesticides were sprayed on many crops. 

 In my teens we moved outside a small city in Northern Pennsylvania, Where we lived in the middle of a state park and our closest neighbor was a mile away. We had a well for water and a septic system. Surrounded by nature it was beautiful but it had its down sides. There were bugs, snakes, squirrels, raccoons, skunks, deer, and bears. As much as I love nature I wanted more so I moved to New York and lived in a brown stone building for a few years working in the corporate world. We suddenly out grew the one bedroom apartment, then the two bedrooms and had to consider a home with more space. I outgrew my position working for a real estate development company and made one of the biggest choices I would make, I decided to go to school and become a Home Inspector.

I had an amazing opportunity to help people understand what we can do to maintain and preserve a healthy environment.  This is my way of helping change the world and make it a better place for our children

When you get a home inspection done by Grady Home Inspections you are getting a high quality inspection. We keep every aspect of the home in mind while we think about your family's safety in your potential new home. 


Experiencing and living through these conditions allowed me to become more conscientious of the environment and one's own health. I was able to seek education to learn how to find conditions that are deemed unsafe to live in and to share the value of living in a home that will not endanger one's health. I have a large family of my own and understand the importance of finding a safe home. I feel that everyone should have a safe and functioning home for their families. 

    My personal philosophy is   "We can only make a difference if we share our knowledge".  



Education and licensing

In high school, I studied Electricity through the vocational program where I studied under a licensed electrician and home inspector. Through this program I undertook an internship with an Electrical Contractor/New home builder who I continued to work for after graduation. I was involved with the construction from the plans to the finished home. later I worked in the hospitality field gaining management experience through on the job training. 

After many years in the hospitality industry I decided to put all my knowledge to use and go to back to school to further my education in the field that I was familiar with. I finished my classes and gained the required internship hours working alongside other home inspectors. Following my completion of the state test I became a licensed Home Inspector. I continued to further my education and take classes and state tests to get certified to test homes for radon and to perform the inspection of (WDO) Wood Destroying Organisms. I will continue to educate myself so I may educate others through continuing education, classes, seminars, and training.

Work experience

      I  have had many jobs in my lifetime.  These jobs have influenced my understanding of the  impacts  we have on the environment. 

         At a very early age I would help my Father in his construction business where I would often be on roofs and ladders but My mom thought that was dangerous and let us spend our summers on the family farm helping with the planting and bringing in the harvest. This is where I started to understand the use of pesticides and the effects it had on the crops. We were not allowed outside while they were applying them. 

  At the age of 14 I worked for the township In the sanitation department taking care of the parks and streets, I even worked on the garbage truck and I started to question where all the trash was going after viewing what was going into our dumps. This made me realize the importance of recycling, which wasn't available in that area. To this day that area still struggles to afford the program. 

          While going to school I interned with a local home builder/Electrician building homes. Shortly after school, I worked for a general contractor specializing in roofs and remodels. After a few years of working in the construction industry I decided to give factory work a chance and quickly realized I needed to do something else. So I decided to go into the hospitality industry where I interacted with different people and gained management skills.  After moving to NY I worked for A real-estate development company.  Then after my fathers passing I realized I wanted to do something to allow more time with my family and do something where I can make a difference saving lives and improving the word one family at a time.



About Your Inspection


We Inspect The Following Components:

-Roofing System

-Structural Components

-Foundation and Crawlspaces


-Decks and Balconies

-Exterior (windows, doors, siding)


-Interior (windows, doors, floors, walls, ceilings, stairs)

-Built-in Appliances

-Fireplace and Chimney

-Attic, Ventilation and Insulation

-Electrical System

-Plumbing System

-HVAC Systems

-WDI/Termite Inspections


Additional Services:



-unattached garage 

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Following my evaluation, I will compile my findings in an easy-to-read report which will include a detailed descriptions and high-resolution digital photos of any issues I've discovered. I will email you your report within 48 hours and my job isn't finished until you understand everything in it.

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